• AN-NYONG! (Hello!) – First Time @ J-Gen (7th-8th graders only)
  • Are you a first-timer @ J-Gen?! Praise the Lord! We're so glad you're here! As we get ready to encounter God and experience the power of the Holy Spirit, let's look forward to rubbing shoulders and understanding what it means to rise up as the Joshua Generation! This seminar is going to teach us how to capture God's holy & comforting presence when we're overwhelmed by the mountains & storms of life. Let's get ready to look up and see the Greatest Helper of all time, the Lord Jesus Christ!

  • ALIVE – God’s Word
  • God describes his Word as a sword, as a hammer, as water and as fire. These pictures show us that God’s Word is living and active – and meant to transform us. And yet, for many Christians, the Bible just seems boring. What’s the problem, and what can we do about it? Hear from some of our plenary speakers as they help you unleash the power of God’s Word so that the Bible can come alive in your life. .

  • AMBASSADORS – Sharing Jesus
  • We all get excited about sharing with others about the things we love, don't we? We can talk endlessly and passionately about our favorite movie, our favorite athlete, or our favorite restaurant! While that is all well and good, shouldn't we as Christians ALL THE MORE be passionate about sharing the one thing that has absolutely transformed our lives and is of eternal significance - the Gospel of Jesus Christ? In this seminar we want to learn how to grow our passion and our skills to compellingly share Jesus with others.

  • ADEQUATE – Not Your (Instagram) Story: How Social Media Can Affect How You View Yourself
  • According to research, 73% of teenagers regularly use social media. What was once a simple tool to connect with friends has become a standard on how to live, act, and view yourself. How would Jesus use social media today? We'll be looking at some of the psychological effects social media use can have, both in the content we post, and the content we see. We'll also dive into the harsh realities of being a popular YouTube/Instagram star, as well as dig into the Satanic influences social media could have.

  • ANXIOUS – Growing From Fear And Anxiety To Faith
  • What if...? It’s the two most penetrating and paralyzing words. Studies show how increased stress and anxiety can significantly impact many aspects of our lives, including our mental health, school, family, friends and also spiritually. So why do we get anxious? Why do we fear? Is there hope? This seminar will talk about the tension between having faith in God versus having fear and anxiety in our lives.

  • ASSIST – Student Leadership
  • As a student, how can you make a difference, influence and impact your youth group and others around you? What does it mean to be a leader and how do you cultivate the right heart and mentality for servant leadership? In this seminar, we will delve deep into Scripture to learn what it means to be a servant leader. We will explore a theological philosophy for student leadership, provide tools to equip you as a leader, and investigate practical strategies for the church to help develop student leaders.

  • ARMED – Dual Nature, Social Technology, and Data Privacy (high schoolers only)
  • In this seminar, we will discuss the Bible’s teaching on dual nature, where the Spirit's nature within us is fighting the sinful nature within us. We will also discuss social technologies (e.g. social media data aggregation, artificial intelligence, statistical learning) and how they are impacted by sin, how important understanding data and privacy is to our future social influence, and how we can consider using our Spirit's nature to impact our world through technology.

  • ACCEPTED – Going to College (13th graders only)
  • Leaving for college can be an exciting yet frightening time. There are new friends, new environments, new decisions, not to mention the overwhelming amount of study and homework! In this seminar we will talk about how you can prepare for the challenges of college while also growing in your relationship with Christ on campus.