Retreat Guidelines
Youth Workers 


    What time does J-Gen start? What time does J-Gen end?
    Registration starts at 12 PM (Eastern time). Orientation will approximately start at 4 PM, Monday. J-Gen will end at approximately 1 PM, Thursday. 

    Is there a time difference at Taylor? 
    Yes. Taylor, IN is one hour ahead of Central time. 

    Are you setting up rides for J-Gen?
    No. Please ask your friends or other local churches who may be attending J-Gen for a ride.


    When is my registration considered complete?


    Full payment and completed online registration forms.
    $160 submitted by 7/16
    $190 submitted by 7/23

    If your registration is not considered complete, you will be obligated to pay the next deadline fee. If you register and do not pay before you come to J-Gen your registration is incomplete and you will be obligated to pay the walk-on fee ($350).

    If I can't go… will I be refunded?
    If you contact us before 7/23, you can be refunded for half the amount. Other than that, NO REFUNDS.

    If I can't go… can someone else take my place?
    NO replacements.

    Are walk-ons allowed?
    Due to space issues we do NOT encourage walkons. Once registration is closed (7/23), under extenuating circumstances we will accept walk-ons for a fee of $350. No exceptions.


    What should I bring to J-Gen?
    We recommend that you bring your Bible, pen, towel, toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc.), clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, and money (optional).

    Can I bring my ipod, cellphone, camera or other electronics?
    We request that you give all electronics to your youth worker or small group leader.

    We recommend that you bring your Bible, pen, towel, toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc.), clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, and money (optional).

    We are not responsible for lost/stolen items.

    No cell phones at anytime during retreat. Turn it off and give to your youth worker/counselor. If there is an extreme emergency - talk to your counselor. Reception is not very good anyways.

    No ipod or other electronics are allowed during J-Gen.

    You are allowed to have a camera, but no cellphone cameras.

    What am I not allowed to bring?
    No magic cards/pokemon/yugioh/etc.
    No hand held video games
    No DVD players

    If you are caught with cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, etc your parents will be called and you will be immediately sent home.

    How much money should I bring?
    You can bring money for T-shirts and offering.
    Please be wise in how much you bring and keep your money with you.
    T-shirts: $25

    What is the dress code?
    Wear clothing that does not draw attention to yourself. We think that what you wear to J-Gen should not detract from the worship experience of others around you. We want all of the attention to go to Jesus Christ. Or we will give you clothes and you will not like them. =)


    Will sermons or songs be available on-line?
    To be determined

    If I get sick or hurt, what will happen?
    There will be two volunteer medical staff on site at J-Gen. They will take the necessary actions to take care of you.


    Who can register to be a Youth Worker?
    Only those who have spiritual authority over students: youth pastors, education directors and main youth teachers. Due to the large number of students and lack of counselors we ask that those who can apply to be counselors.

    Can all my teachers be in the youth workers track?
    We ask that each church limits to those who have main spiritual authority over students. e.g. youth pastor, one or two main teachers.

    I have a college-age helper but is not fit to be a counselor. Can I bring him to J-Gen?
    We ask that you do NOT bring them to J-Gen. Due to capacity and other reasons we need to keep the focus on the students and youth workers. We highly recommend sending them to OIL ( if they need spiritual feeding.

    Can I bring my spouse/children?
    Yes, we encourage you to bring your spouse. There will not be childcare provided but you are welcome to bring your children.

    How do I register my students?
    How to register your church using the J-Gen website:
    Create an account for each student. You cannot use the same email address for all your kids. (You can make up an email address for them if they don't have one) *Tip: Save your email list and keep your password the same for each of your kids because all of the account logins are saved so that next year you can skip this step.

    After you register your students:
    Pay online using Paypal by logging into your account and clicking on group payment. E-mail or bring the signed waiver forms to the retreat (Please indicate that you have already registered them online).

    * Youthworkers must be responsible for collecting waiver forms. Youthworkers cannot sign the waiver forms. If necessary, please call their parents and have them fax it in.

    What information do I need to have when I come to J-Gen?
    At registration, please have the following information ready:

    1) How many students are registered from your church?
    2) How many students are at J-Gen?
    3) Who did your church pay for? Which students paid for themselves on their own?
    4) How many students dropped out?
    5) How many students are walk-ons?
    6) Please have all parent consent forms collected and ready.